Sally Flower's Top Tips For More Mindful Living

Sally Flower's Top Tips For More Mindful Living

You may have heard us speak of our partnership with the very talented, Sally Flower on our Instagram recently. Sally is the founder of Home Sanctuary, a platform designed to help us create harmony and peace in our homes through mindfulness, sustainability and home organisation.

Three things we are equally passionate about.

When we started working with Sally, we wanted to share some of her knowledge with you, to help make your home your sanctuary too.

Here are Sally's top tips for more mindful living. 

Sally's Sustainability Tips

"If you're anything like me, and majority of Australians, you are likely worried about the health of the planet and looking for ways to use less of the earth's resource."

Sometimes the thought of this can be overwhelming and feel bigger than our personal impact. However the truth is if each individual makes more mindful decisions in their home then we all play our role in looking after the environment.

Buy circular economy products

To slow down our growing waste problem in Australia we need to move away from single-use disposable products and transition to a circular economy. The transition will be an evolution, it will not happen overnight, however, there are companies right now who are driving the movement. Brands like Natural State have reduced their need for virgin materials and are now producing bottles and packaging with recycled plastic and aluminum. They have even designed their products to be reused and longer lasting. Opting for CE products like this not only slows your home waste, it also supports the movement toward a circular economy.

Opt for reusable items

Over the last 30 years, our culture has become increasingly disposable in Australia. A lot of what we buy is made to be thrown away, often referred to as single-use. This 'take, make, waste" way of living is causing us to use more than the earth can produce. To lessen environmental impacts we must keep materials, including household items in use for longer. When shopping opts for refillable, reusable, or compostable whenever possible

Sally's Top Tips To Be More Mindful

Mindfulness has been described as both a meditation and a way of living. To be mindful is to know where your attention is, prioritise where it needs to be, and bring it back when it wanders off track. Acting mindfully helps us get more enjoyment out of life, make the best use of our time and reduce stress.

Mindful bathing

Almost anything can be turned into a mindfulness activity, including taking a shower. Tune in and notice the warmth of the water against your skin. Listen to the sound of the water as it splashes around you. Watch the water droplets roll across your skin. Smell the fragrance from the body wash. Just a few moments of calm and mindful observation can turn a daily activity into a meditative practice.

Night time rituals

Our minds love signals. Most of our behaviour is acted out as a result of a trigger or a reminder, which is why purposely creating well-being rituals is so important. To mark the end of the day, and signal to our minds that it is time to rest, try lighting a candle after dinner. This is a lovely way to give yourself permission to relax and kick start your night time routine for quality sleep. Bonus points if you dim the lights to support the melatonin cycle.

Sally's Top Tips For a Tidy Home

It's true when they say that a tidy home helps support a tidy mind. If our space is filled with clutter, it can inhibit us to think clearly and cause unnecessary stress and anxiety. 

Let go of things you are holding onto that don't light you up

As we age and grow our home needs to change with us. Let go of anything in your home that represents the 'old' you that might be holding you back

Tidy daily

There are two types of tidying; whole-home declutters and daily tidying. Whole-home declutters are important and can be done every year or second year. Daily tidying is the daily task of returning items to their homes. This is the best way to maintain a tidy home. Once your daily tidying is complete, move through the house giving each room a little spritz to signify the end of the tasks and time to enjoy your space.

Sally Flower is a sustainability advocate and master konmari consultant with a mission to help people find a simpler, lighter way of living that sparks joy.

You can find more tips from Sally by following her Instagram @homesanct or visiting her website

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