Our New Hand & Body Wash Range Is Here

Our New Hand & Body Wash Range Is Here

Finding the little moments to stop and be present can be challenging for all of us. Our days are long and busy and we’re always thinking about ‘what’s next’. Although our candles, room sprays and reed diffusers are ideal in creating your relaxation retreat, what about when time gets away from you? How do you find your moment of mindfulness?

This was a question our team faced personally, and why we created the latest addition to the Natural State range. Our hand and body washes are designed to help you find those moments of presence, all whilst still treading lightly environment.

We thought we would share a little bit more about the latest addition, exclusively available at Woolworths.

Body Wash

We have created two unique body washes, with a variety of fragrance profiles and designs to suit any home or taste. From a rich and soothing Vanilla, Coconut and Lime to an uplifting Jasmine and Nectarine Blossom. Our body wash range is designed to either boost your energy for the day or help you wind down and relax before bed. Either way, with organic extracts like olive leaf, almond oil and cocoa butter- your skin will be left feeling hydrated and smooth.

The shower is also the perfect opportunity to take a moment to breathe. For some, it's the only alone time of the day and a chance to reset and relax. Being more conscious of our breath in this moment can relieve stress and improve sleep quality.

Here is a simple box breathing exercise to try for yourself:

  1. Inhale for 4
  2. Hold for 4
  3. Exhale for 4
  4. Hold for 4

Repeat as many times as you need.

Hand Wash

And for the couple of minutes you get to wash your hands each day. Choose from our invigorating Fresh Juniper Berry or soothing Lavender and Sandalwood.

The feeling of washing your hands combined with the unique fragrances, help activate our senses and become more in touch with our senses. The perfect time to take a second for a mindfulness exercise called 5 Senses.

  1. Think of something you can smell with your nose
  2. Think of something you touch with your hands
  3. Think of something you can see around you
  4. Think of something you can hear nearby
  5. Think of something you can taste with your tongue

How Does The Refill System Work?

Our aluminiuim bottles are designed to last forever. This means that rather than repurchasing bottle after bottle of your favourite hand wash, you can refill instead.

Our refill pouches contain 80% less plastic than a standard bottle, reducing your impact on the environment every time you stock up. Each pouch has enough to fill two bottles. Whether that’s your hand wash at the kitchen sink and your bathroom. Or maybe keep some spare for next time.

And even better, the empty refill pouches are 100% recyclable through the REDcycle program. For those that don’t know, REDcycle support soft plastics recycling by creating collection points at your local Coles or Woolworths and then connecting this plastic to recycling organisations.

REDcycle has supported recycling tonnes of soft plastics into innovative school equipment, roads and park benches.

Where Can You Find Us?

Head to your local Woolworths and look for us in the personal care aisle.

If you decide to try the range, get in touch an tell us what you think. We would love to hear your thoughts.

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