Natural State Meditation Series

For the next 15 minutes, you can press pause from your day and focus on your Natural State.

Before you start your meditation, find a quiet spot where you won't be disturbed.

Select the Natural State product of your choice to assist you in letting your mind rest. This could be lighting a candle, spraying our room spray or setting up our reed diffuser in the corner.

We hope you enjoy x

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Meet Kat John

Kat John is an Authenticity Coach, Keynote Speaker, podcast host, meditation teacher, creator of the ZEROFKS movement and epic in real life events. For eight years she’s been working with people to help them powerfully manage the thoughts in their head, so they can listen to their heart and focus on what truly matters.

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Our range of home fragrances and personal care products have been designed to encourage you to find moments of self care every day.

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